Is This Book For Me?

Maybe you are an aspiring software entrepreneur, or just a seriously passionate programmer that loves to build systems and wants to understand more about how people build Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading systems.

This book will be a great fit for you if you want to:

  • Use Ruby on Rails to full-stack prototype
  • Write a basic crypto trading bot in Go
  • Containerize project dependencies with Docker
  • Understand cryptocurrency and general trading basics
  • Learn about modern software tools

Learn By Building

This book is project driven. You will get exposure to a mix of modern and mature technologies like Go, Ruby on Rails, Dokku, Docker, and more!

Be a Better Prototyper

This book is journey of taking a project from idea to implementation. Throughout this journey you will continue up leveling your domain modeling and prototyping skills for your career and own projects!

Understand the Lingo

This book will cover basic trading and cryptocurrency concepts such as: what is automated trading, an orderbook, the difference between bids and asks, and more!

Chapter Preview

Below is a preview of some of the chapters you will read

Chapter 1 - Understanding the Domain

First we dive into the background on automated trading, cryptocurrency and attempt to describe the vision of the prototype to build.

Chapter 2 - Design

We get a better idea of what we are building by diving into some wireframes with a simple vision of the product. Once complete, we get into the work of technical design

Chapter 3 - Building A Trading Bot

We begin constructing a basic, but, modular containerized Bitcoin trading bot using a straightforward trading strategy. It is written in Go and connects to crypto exchanges to analyze market opportunities and trade against them!

Chapter 4 - Web application MVP

We model the domain of our idea using Ruby on Rails and start producing the web application that will be used by you to deploy and manage various trading bots

Chapter 5 - Async Deployments with Sidekiq

We write a container deployment implementation into our Rails app and integrate Sidekiq to help us deploy traders asynchronously.

and more!

Creating profiles, handling exchange API keys, setting up a hosting service, and more!



Hi there I’m Robert. 👋 A few years ago I started work on a hobby project to create arbitrage trading bots that trade against simulated cryptocurrency markets. While making my way through the project I asked if it might be valuable for others to put together a blog series or guide on how to do this - so here we are! The goal of the book is to provide a project driven approach of taking an initial idea like ‘deploying arbitrage bots to the cloud’ from napskin sketch to a full formed prototype someone can play with. I hope it will be fun, enjoyable and insightful along the way! Feel free to email me if you have questions (robert @ buildingcryptotradingbots)